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John and Your Texas Home Buyers was most pleasant to work with on the sale of my Fort Worth home.  He returned calls and emails promptly.  He answered all questions, was fair in dealing on the property and was not pushy in the dealings.  Overall, a pleasant experience.

David Morris
Fort Worth, TX


Hi my name is Henrietta.  My sister passed away in 2011. My sister’s home has been on the market for over a YEAR. I’ve been trying to get it sold. And then I met Lara … And Lara and her company sold my house for me in a matter of WEEKS with no problem. And I’m grateful for everything she’s done for me. (COMMENT FROM US: And now we’re able to get some closure. I’m glad that we were able to get it done for you. So thank you.) So I can close on my sister’s Estate. Thank you.

Henrietta's Story, from our perspective...

Even though there was a little confusion along the way, I really enjoyed getting to know Henrietta and getting to help them with their house problem. Henrietta is a good-hearted woman who looks out for others, and her situation was a sad and frustrating one.  After her sister passed away suddenly in 2011, Henrietta was entrusted with the responsibility and the burden of being the Executor of her sister’s Estate, which involved her trying to sell the house that belonged to her sister.  

The house was listed for over 9 months with a Realtor without selling, and since the house was vacant, every month she also had to fork out the money to cover the mortgage payment to the lender on the house.  Not only did this get expensive and frustrating, but more than anything, Henrietta just wanted to be done with the house so she could finalize the probate process and get closure once and for all, while also getting her sister’s children some money from the sale. 

So since the traditional way of selling wasn’t working, she contacted us from one of our advertisements to see if we might be able to make something happen quicker.  We answered her questions and stayed in touch with her over several months until they were convinced the Realtor wouldn’t be able to sell it. 

Within 2 weeks of Henrietta doing the paperwork with us, we had located our owner-financed buyer and we were able to close with her in just WEEKS without any fees or commissions.  Henrietta could finally get relief from the mortgage payments, some money for the heirs, and closure after more than a year and a half of being weighed down by the burden of selling the house. We’re really happy we were able to help!


Lara Fobian, Client Relations

Home Freedom Properties

Henrietta G.
Killeen, TX

(From Lara, Client Relations for the company) Because this seller, Mr Flowers, is a little older with some difficulty speaking, I wanted to share his story with you instead of asking him to do that. As you can see in the picture, he liked doing business with us, selling his house to us quickly and holding a check for $7343 in his hands!  His house didn't have much equity, it was vacant, and it needed at least $5000 in repairs. But we were able to relieve him of the stress of dealing with it by allowing him to sell As-Is, fast, and all while making a nice profit in the end. Mr Flowers is a very nice man, and we sincerely enjoyed the opportunity to help him solve his house problem so he could use the house proceeds to enjoy a few vacations this year. 

If you're considering selling and if you think your options are limited, we always operate with integrity to keep our reputation strong, and we love helping to make a difference in peoples' lives. Give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation on all of your selling options.
Mr Flowers
Killeen, TX


INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO (“My name is Lara, I’m sitting here with Randy and Sandy. They just sold a house, a lovely home in Leander. And I just wanted to get a feel from them on how they’re feeling right now, now that they’ve sold their house. How do you guys feel?”)

(Sandy) “Tired, from moving.” (laughter)

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO ("...But you are able to get moved closer to your workplace now, so you don’t have to drive as far, what were you guys spending in gas before?")

(Randy) We were spending about $250 a month in gas, but now we’re a lot closer...Getting the house sold was surprisingly fast.

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO ("What did you think your options were, or lack of options, before we started working together?")

(Randy) “Well, we had a lot of options, I just didn’t like them…We were considering selling the house for a little bit more money, that way it would take care of things, but that didn’t quite work out as fast as we would have liked it to. (Sandy) We thought about refinancing, but that wasn’t gonna work because we had a pretty low interest rate anyways.”

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO ("Let’s see, it was the end of March when we started working together, so it was about 3 months before we got that buyer contract, which is pretty normal for us. We usually get it done in about 90 days or less, so we’re right on target!  Well, that’s it. Thank you so much you guys and congratulations!”)

Sandra and Randy D.
Leander, TX

My experience with Jacob and Georgia Home Rescue was great.  I called him and we made an appointment to meet at the property a few days later.  He came in and looked it over.  An offer was given, and with little negotiating we came to an agreement.  We closed the deal in three weeks.  I am very satisfied with the transaction and would recommend Georgia Home Rescue.
Leigh Ann Craft
Lawrenceville, GA

Thanks so much for the fast transaction in buying all three of the houses we had in Granbury.  You are an excellent buyer!  A++

Jerwin Burke
Granbury, TX

Your Texas Home Buyers and John Pribble was an excellent business man.  He was the first person I called to buy our Fort Worth home.  I was happy with his promptness and willingness to work with us to buy our home.  I was reluctant to go this route, but John is 100% legitimate and trustworthy.  John made our new home dream a reality.  

Carol Waller
Fort Worth, TX

Will, thank you so very much. After months and months of trying to sell our home the traditional way, you brought us a buyer in less than two weeks! Your rent-to-own program is definitely the way to go, especially in today's market.

Your service is fulfilling a vital need for both buyers and sellers. Your integrity and dedication to producing a win-win situation for all is impressive. We would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house. (Apr 2012)
Maria Salazar
Stockbridge, GA

you have been a blessing to say the least, because this has really helped my family adjust to this abrupt change in my life,, sometimes I think I just hit the staples "easy" button and I owe you for that in many ways.
corsicana, TX

In my family's time of need you were very helpful and have our sincere thanks. You were professional and helpful.
Thank You,
R.B. Palmyra
R. B.
Palmyra, VA

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