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I don't really trust many people until they prove themselves to me.  Shaun at Property Match came out to the house and  I didn't really trust him either. 

But he sat down with me, explained how everything worked, and I felt comfortable with the price he was willing to pay for the house. 

I was still worried about whether or not he was actually going to close on the house, but he did.  Now, I know these guys are straight shooters.  I would do this with them again.  Thanks for helping me get rid of this place so that me and my wife and kid could move into the home we really wanted.
Bill Collier
St. Louis, MO

I've referred quite a few people to Property Match, and every time I do, I know they'll get taken care of.  Thanks guys!
Tim Grimmet - Real Estate Investor
St. Louis, MO

I had a listing that I tried EVERYTHING to sell. We had it advertised everywhere with not a single contract. The house wasn't even that bad. It was in great shape, it was just a little bit outdated. I had it on the MLS for almost 6 months when I heard about Property Match. I called them and within just a short period of time, they had the whole deal done. I would refer them again and again...
Don Taylor - Coldwell Banker Gundaker Corporate
O'Fallon, MO

My realtor told me about Property Match. It was only because I trusted her so much that I decided to give them a try. I'm so glad I did. My house wouldn't sell because it needed repairs, I owed more to the bank than it was worth, and I couldn't afford the payments. Property Match worked with my lender and took care of it all. I even got some money back!
Kathy Maxwell
Oakville, MO

When I made that first phone call, I was so scared. I was a nervous wreck, losing sleep at night, and spent most of the time crying.  I immediately felt better after that call.  They not only comforted me over the phone, but then ended up stopping my home from going into foreclosure and saving my credit!  I can't thank them enough!
Lisa Anderson
St. Louis, MO

I didn't know what I was going to until I talked to Property Match. Thanks to them, I didn't have to lose my home. I don't know where I would be right now without them.
Nick L
St. Louis, MO

The people at Property Match really took the time to encourage me and motivate me in the right direction. I appreciate them really listening and understanding my situation. We would recommend Property Match because they care about the individual. Thanks for your help!
Elaine Boykin
St. Louis, MO

I had about 5 other companies come to make offers on my house.  Since it needed some repairs and I didn't have the money to fix it up, I wanted to just sell it as is and be done with it.   5 low ball offers later, I finally met Shaun from Property Match.  He showed up at the house ON TIME (which was the first time of any of the other so called "professional home buyers" and walked me through the entire process. 

We actually had the house under contract THAT DAY, and he closed the whole thing just a couple of weeks later.   It was easy as that!!

Thank you Shaun, and thank you Property Match for making this an easy process.  AND for giving me what the property was worth. 
Jennie Frederick
Ballwin, MO

I had all but given up hope on selling our house.  We had it listed with a realtor for over 6 months and it just wasn't selling.  It was a great house.  I raised my kids there!  But for some reason it just wasn't selling.  We had already moved to Texas, so we were making two house payments and getting to the point where if this went on much longer, we were going to be in trouble!  Next thing you know, Property Match came by our house and we had an offer from them that made us the same amount of money as we would have gotten if we would actually sold it through the realtor!  I couldn't believe it.

A BIG thank you to Property Match for putting all of this behind us so that we could move on with our new lives in Texas!
Gary Yowell
St. Peters, MO

Lindsey and Phillip Warrick with

I needed to move to the other side of town and wanted to move quickly.  You guys got me a fair price and bought my house fast and in the time promised.  You guys were also fair, honest and professional.  Thank you again!
Alan Patterson
Pasadena, TX

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